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Squash season is well under way, leagues have started, and the squash courts at our club are very busy.  Not only are our courts busy but so is our Pro Shop.  Below is our current featured squash gear, all at great prices. Please visit our online Pro Shop to see our full product selection.

Black Knight ION Storm 

String :PowerNick 18

Recommended Tension : 26 lbs

Rigidity Index : 93

Avg. Frame Weight : 135 g

String Area : 475 cm2 

Dynamic Weight : 140

IONThe Ion series has been developed in collaboration with multiple British Open Champion David Palmer, and the Ion Storm was used for his 2008 British Open victory. The Ion racquets use Nano-Crystalline Technology (NCT) as an additive to the polymer structure of the graphite frame, for reinforcement at key stress points while allowing for finetuning of the weight and balance. The combination of NCT with the Ion frame geometry also effectively reduces frame distortion and torque for a larger sweetspot and greater control for hard hitters such as Palmer. The shaft is flared in 2 dimensions between the bridge and the handle to create a progressive flex, increasing power transfer.

Dunlop Aerogel 4D Evolution 120 Squash Racquet

Dunlop Aerogel 4D Evolution 120 Squash Racquet

This is the racquet of Nick Matthew.  It is really light, really quick and really good!  If you like Nick Matthew's style of play, high intensity, attacking on the volley type of squash then this racquet is ideal.


The Dunlop Aerogel 4D Evolution racket is the lightest racket in this range with a raw frame weight of 120g it is the lightest racket Dunlop have ever produced. The frame itself is handcrafted with a tear drop head design for explosive power but still maintains string bed control through a small bridge located in the throat area. The characteristics of the ‘Evolution’ allow players of all standards to experience lightweight power, great manoeuvrability with a decent amount of control. Played by Nick Matthew, highest ranking #1 in the world.Specifications

  • Construction – 4D Aerogel
  • Head Size – 490 cm 2
  • Weight – 120 g
  • Balance – Head Light
  • String – M-Fil TS
  • String Pattern – 14 x 18
  • String Tension – 20/30 lbs
Tecnifibre Carboflex 140 Basaltex Squash Racquet

Tecnifibre Carboflex 140 Basaltex Squash Racquet

What a great frame.  Powerful and well balanced.  Pick this racquet up, hit a couple of drives up the wall and you will be surprised with the pace of the ball as it comes back to you.  Don't forget that it comes with possibly the nicest string available, Tecnifibre's own X-ONE BIPHASE 18.Specifications:

  • Technology: Graphite + Basaltex
  • Bare Frame Weight: 140g +/- 5 g
  • Balance: 355mm +/- 5 g
  • Frame Size: 500cm2
  • Beam Width: 25mm
  • String Pattern: 14 x 18
  • String: X-One Biphase 1.18 for ultimate string response.
  • Grip: Matching Tec Dry Squash Grip for ultimate control
  • Cover: Includes full length matching ventilated racket cover for ultimate protection

Played by Thierry Lincou!

Hi-Tec S701 Indoor Court Shoes

HI-TEC S701 Indoor Court Shoes

What is the most important part of the game in squash? Movement!  Good movement requires good shoes the provide excellent support, excellent grip and comfort.  The HI-TEC S701 offers all three.


Impact Zone 4:SYS midsole

Non marking Peak Force Outsole

Light PU mesh upper

Gusseted tongue

Extra strong Abrazone toe material

TPU heel cap for extra support

Hi-Tec S701 4SYS Squash & Indoor Court Shoes 4:SYS midsole:  Dynamic Motion Control for your feet.

Your footwork during a rally is dynamic and constantly changing therefore your footwear needs to react to every movement. 4:SYS technology is the culmination of three years research and testing into the dynamics of movement. It delivers more support, stability and control by increasing the time from heel contact to shot. This in turn reduces the transfer of energy during your footstrike. Each 4:SYS shoe adopts five different densities in seven locations to deliver more control and stability. It does not isolate pressure zones into two areas (heel and forefoot) like other traditional shoes, as it works holistically. Shock absorbing materials have been inserted to control and stabilise your lunge and landing whilst Energy return materials have been placed to provide lift after the shot is played.

Asics Gel Blast 3 Indoor Court Shoes White and Black

ASICS Gel-Blast 3 Indoor Court Shoes

Product Information

ASICS Gel Blast 3 Indoor Court Shoes Asics Gel Blast 3 is the flagship ASICS court shoe brimming with ASICS technologies to help the wearer deal with multidirectional forces at work on court. Amongst these technologies are RhynoSkin to prevent excessive wear on the upper whilst the Biomorphic technology is incorporated into the upper where the areas of highest deformation are found.

Colour Details: White/Black or Black/Red

Published by Jeff Warren November 1, 2010
Jeff Warren