Racquet Review - Prince Pro Beast Powerbite 750

    Nov 1, 2014 10:51:47 AM / by Jeff Porter

    Prince Pro Beast Powerbite 750 Squash Racquet Ramy AshourThe Prince Pro Beast Powerbite 750 has been here on the shelves at Control the 'T' Sports for about 6 weeks now and I can’t believe I haven’t had a chance to appreciate the engineering that went into its design until now.  The racquet’s name aptly encompasses its distinguishing features that allow it stand apart from other racquets I’ve hit with in the past.  With elements of both touch and power, I’m having a hard time thinking of a type of player who would not make use of what it has to offer.

    Let’s begin by taking a look at what sets this racquet apart from some of the others in the Prince family.  The “bite” in the racquet is a function primarily of the string pattern that is extremely widely spaced out. Only 14 main strings and 15 cross strings are used to string the racquet on one of the largest frames Prince has to offer (480 square centimeters).

    The widely spaced string pattern increases contact time with the ball while the strings are flexed. Open strings help grasp the ball more easily encouraging the production of spin on the ball.  This cut that is produced really helps keep the ball close to the front wall on drop shots.  An additional function of the string pattern is the rebound effect that is conducive to the production of power.  On impact with the ball, this rebound effect ejects the ball in the same way you might imagine a sling shot would work, producing an extra punch to your shots.

    I must admit, prior to the hit, I had not really looked too much into either the specifications of the racquet or the technology that was included in its design.  Let me share with you the notes I jotted down immediately after the hit.

    • Surprisingly quick to adapt to
    • Comes through nicely on drop shots with cut
    • Racquet prep easy on volleys

    I’ve had about 5 days between the time of the hit and writing this piece and I’m finding it pretty interesting that things are really matching up nicely between what I was noticing on the court and the design features of the racquet.

    It was amazing how quickly I noticed the extra spin that I was creating on drop shots.  The upside to the open string pattern was appreciated immediately as I was able to force my opponent to cover more ground than normal with drop shots that had crazy amounts of cut.  I was especially impressed with the final point of the match which was a straight drop from the back court which caught both my opponent and myself off guard when it died only a few feet from the front wall.

    The other noteworthy finding that is worth mentioning here is that the racquet was relatively easy to prep for quickly attacking loose shots on the volley.   This is pretty easy to understand since the frame weight is nice and light (128g unstrung) with a head heavy balance. It’s not overly surprising that I was noticing this given the weight and balance of the racquet.

    To summarize, the Prince Pro Beast Powerbite 750 is really a fitting racquet for players who would benefit from a little bit of extra cut on the ball, power or both.  An added bonus lies in the fact that it’s pretty easy to get aggressive on the volley.  Aggressiveness on the volley in combination with the power and extra spin is sure to give you the on court edge you’ll need to really put your opponents into trouble short with the spin or in the back court with power!

    To learn more about the Prince Pro Beast Powerbite 750 Squash Racquet click on the "View in Store" button below.

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    Jeff Porter

    Written by Jeff Porter

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