US Pro Squash Tour - No let rule

    Jun 1, 2010 8:55:26 PM / by Jeff Warren posted in let, no let, yes let, Pro Squash Tour, referee, referees, rules, squash, stroke

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    A couple of months ago squash enthusiasts were debating the US Pro Squash Tour's 5-Let rule, now there are no Lets!  Can this work?  Perhaps, time will tell but let's first take a better a look at its intent.

    In the last couple of days there has been a great deal of talk about this subject and with good reason.  This is a pretty significant change.  It is a fact that in squash interference will occur.  You have two people in a very confined space trying to move to and from the same place, the 'T' to the ball.  Some contact is inevitable. Traditionally when a player believed they were interfered with and thought the interference prevented them from playing an appropriate shot they would stop play and appeal for a Let.  The referee would then have 3 choices, yes Let, no Let, or Stroke.  There is a defined process for this but for the most part it is interrupted as follows:

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