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Jeff Warren
By Jeff Warren on April 25, 2013

Thank you Peter Nicol and Tim Garner

We at Control the 'T' Sports would like to thank Peter Nicol, Tim Garner and their sponsors for the wonderful event that was the Xodus 7 Continent Challenge.   What was the challenge?  To play 7 squash matches, in 7 days, on 7 different continents.  Playing competitive squash for 7 days in a row is tough enough but throw in the travel and this is a pretty daunting task.  Why did they do this? To raise awareness of squash bid for inclusion in the 2020 Olympic games.

The squash matches took place in the following locations: The Falklan Islands, Santiago Chile, Sydney Australia, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Cario Egypt, London England, and finally in New York in the USA.  So who won the challenge?  Peter won the series 4-3 but the true winners were all of us that love the game of squash.  Squash is a wonderful sport and we would really love to see it in the Olympics.  This incredible journey that Peter and Tim took around the world can only help our Olympic bid by raising awareness of our sport. Thanks again!

How can you help support the bid and follow along with its progress?

Here are some ways:
On the web:
On Twitter Follow: @vote4squash and when tweeting use the hash tag #vote4squash
On Facebook like: Squash 2020

Published by Jeff Warren April 25, 2013
Jeff Warren