A Review of the Black Knight Element PSX Squash Racquet

Black Knight Ion Element PSX Squash Racquet 750x750The new Black Knight models for this 2014/2015 squash season have some very common elements. They all have a very thin beam and have a head light balance. The Black Knight Element PSX Squash Racquet is the top end of Black Knight’s product line. It is a 135 gram racquet and has a head light balance with Black Knight giving it a dynamic weight of 130 grams. It has a small head at 475 cm2. It is a fairly stiff frame with Black Knight measuring its rigidity at 93 which while not their stiffest frame it is close.

Its relatively light weight of 135 grams and its balance being head light make this racquet really quick to hit with. It is quick to volley with and it is easy to generate head speed with. What I really liked in particular on my forehand was that I could take a relatively short back swing, get set, then hold my shot and then snap through the ball and get excellent power. I find that racquets with a more head heavy feel lend themselves to a slightly longer more fluid swing. Racquets that are more head light are easier to accelerate and you can generate tons of racquet head speed with a relatively short back swing. Soft touch shots are a little trickier with this racquet than with a racquet with a bit more weight in the head. A racquet with a bit more of its weight in the head allows the player to feel the racquet head a bit more which is good for touch.

The smaller 475 cm2 head size of this racquet is designed more for the intermediate to advanced player. The racquet does product excellent power but I did not find it to have a really large sweet spot. To get the most out of the racquet you need to hit the sweet spot consistently. Its smaller bridged head does really help with control which is a strong point of this racquet. If you would like to learn more about why a smaller head with a bridge helps with control we have a post on the topic here that you can check out to learn more.

The Black Knight Element PSX squash racquet while fairly stiff has quite a thin beam. So while the carbon fibre used to make this racquet, Black Knights’ 16K hyper-tensile technology is incredibly strong and stiff it provides decent feel and a bit of flex due to its very thin frame width. The Power Surge technology incorporated in to the racquet is designed to limit the amount of vibration back from the head to the arm and it does a good job of that. A stiff racquet with a thin beam could definitely be subject to vibration but the Element PSX does a good job of absorbing it before it gets back to the player.

Overall this is a very nice racquet suitable for a player that is looking for a really quick racquet to play with. You can generate tons of racquet head speed quickly with a relatively short back swing which makes it great for delaying your shot and snapping through the ball. It is also very maneuverable due to its light weight.  I do think its more suitable for an intermediate to advanced player due its small sweet spot and also because power is being primarily generated by racquet head speed. The racquet head is through the point of contact really quickly making timing a bit harder. In the hands of the right player this racquet is a real winner as it is powerful, lightning quick and has excellent control.

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    • The strings that come with it are a good set and perform very well in the racquet. They are the Ashaway PowerNick 19 string. The stringing pattern is fairly tight on this racquet so a thinner gauge string can be used without as much worry of breakage. Other strings that would work well I think are Tecnifibre’s 305+ 1.10 gauge string. I have not played with other strings in this racquet other than the PowerNick 19. When the factory set broke I put them back in as I liked how they played in this particular racquet.


  1. Hello
    Are you able to give a review of the new ION Storm XT? (the red one)
    I had a hit with it, and thoroughly enjoyed playing with it, although I haven’t quite decided if to buy one yet. I’ve almost always used tear-drop shape rackets as I struggle for power – I’ve used Tecnifibre Carboflex 130 for a few years, and also have the 125 in my bag (and a prince pro beast for fun, which broke very quickly!)

    I feel now I should progress to a control racket. Everything I’ve read on the Storm XT suggests this racket will be too advanced for me, can you give an insight as to why? Maybe suggest other rackets I should look into?
    Any info is much appreciated!
    Kind regards

    • Simon,

      Thanks for the comment here on the blog. The Element which we reviewed and the Storm XT are very nearly identical racquets. They are the same weight, balance, head shape and size and come with the string. The difference, besides cosmetics is the lack of the power surge technology in the Storm XT. Power Surge helps prevent vibration back from the head of the racquet to the handle. The Storm XT as such gets a bit more vibration back from the head, primarily on off center hits compared to the Element PSX. Some people will like that and others will not. It does let you know when you are not hitting the center of the racquet. Both the Element and the Storm XT are reasonable from a power perspective and excellent for control. Both have relatively small head so they do not have a large sweet spot. If you found you were able to generate enough pace with the Storm XT then it could very well out well for you. I hope that helps.

      All the best,


        • Hi there,
          Had another extended hit with the ION Storm XT. Power is not an issue, but maybe the lack of Power Surge is. Noticed the vibrations a lot more on off centre hits, but can’t decide if this is a good thing or not. Feedback on shots is good, but vibrations very noticeable.
          Can I throw another one into the mix – HEAD Graphene Neon 130?? Unfortunately, not able to demo this one, but there’s good info on the internet. What do you think of it?

          • IF you like the overall feel of the Ion Storm XT but are finding too much vibration the Element PSX is definitely worth a look. The Power Surge does help reduce some of that vibration so you can get the same frame of Ion Storm XT but more comfortable to play with.

            The HEAD Graphene Neon 130 is quite different. It is a head heavy racquet as opposed the Ion Storm XT which is head light. Also the head is much larger. The Neon is also stiffer overall. The Neon is a very easy racquet to play with overall. It has lots of power, a large sweetspot and it does not vibrate much either.

  2. How does the element compare to the Ion X-Force Black? I notice there is a huge difference in balance between the X-Force Yellow and black and am hoping this feels more like the black!


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