Asics Gel-Blast 4 Green Indoor Court Shoes

Buy the Asics Gel-Blast 4 Green Indoor Courts shoes from Control the 'T' SportsThey look great, feel great, and perform great!  The new colour of the Asics Gel-Blast 4 has been selling tremendously for us. Why?  It is simple, not only does the new colour look really incredible more importantly the shoes themselves are just tremendous.

The support they provide is second to none for squash. Squash is a very demanding game on your shoes and feet. We are constantly changing directions and need our shoes to perform well under these conditions.  The Asics Gel-Blast 4 excel at this.  They are by the best I have ever used for this.  They instill confidence in the player that they can plant their foot hard to stop and change direction and not have to worry about their shoes not being to handle the directional change.

Not only do they perform well they do so while providing excellent comfort.  The Asics Gel Blast series is noted for fitting like a glove and the 4 is no different.  The Gel system almost molds the shoe to your foot while providing excellent cushioning in the both fore and rear of the shoe.

The Asics Gel-Blast 4 have several improvements over there predecessors.  The addition of AHAR rubber around the toe-box really helps improve durability in this high wear area. The mesh upper greatly improves breathability of the shoe.

If you are looking for a pair of these great shoes click here.

5 thoughts on “Asics Gel-Blast 4 Green Indoor Court Shoes

  1. I am an avid squash player. I have been using asics indoor shoes for about 10years. I have worn so many different pairs of asics but honestly this pair doesn’t quite measure up to my previous pairs. It’s definitely good-looking but that’s about it. It’s pretty hefty andjust not flexible for squash. I am also using the gel-blast 3 which is an absolute delight in court. Prior to these two pairs, I was using asics volley-cross for about 3months. Distinctively asics, very comfy but too high for a squash shoe and it wears out really quickly. For the blast 4, I get compliments that its nice and all but that’s about it. I passed this pair to a friend who tried it but still prefers his gel-domain.

    • Thank you very much for taking the time to post on our site, we really do appreciate it! Reviews whether they are positive or negative help and it is great that you took the time to review these shoes. Overall I have had good customer comments on these shoes. There are some definite differences between the version 3 and 4 of the Blast’s though and I can understand someone liking the 3’s they have more than the newer model. Thanks again for taking the time to post your thoughts on these shoes.

  2. These were the very first Ascis shoes I ever bought and I have to say that they will not be the last of my Ascis’. Initially, at the shop they felt weird, especially around heel and ankle wherefore I took a break and read some reviews from the net. Then I learned that heel and ankle will mold to feet after some heat and took the jump to buy these shoes.

    You could say that I am a very satisfied customer. After something like an hour wearing these shoes, the fit felt perfect – like an excellent glove. Now, after something like 20 hours of squash and floorball, they feel even better. At least good for heavier and more powerfull user like me.

  3. After owning the gel-blast (GB) 3 & 4 for the last 6months, I would like to give an update on the feedback for both shoes as well as give credit where it’s due. I’ll start with GB 3 first. It was very good in the initial 2 months of usage but after that, it was somewhat not as good anymore. The support became lacking and I would develop heel pain after training. I just didn’t have that snug glove-like feel that I experienced initially. As for the heel pain, I have to take into account that being 38yrs YOUNG and a weekend warrior, I tend to get over-zealous and can play up to 20 games at a go. Imagine starving for 6days and having a 5kg steak on sunday! The build quality of GB 3 is also somewhat lacking as it is coming apart. I’ll prob buy some top-notch inserts for the GB 3 and see if the situation improves otherwise, it’s time to go shopping again.

    For the GB 4, it was love at first sight but horrendous to use. Before I broke into the GB 4, I felt like a car without any power steering or ABS. I just could not feel my legs. Since Jan 2013, I noted a significant improvement on the GB 4. It’s now AWESOME and I would like to take back whatever remarks which I have previously posted about this shoe. This is easily the BEST squash shoe for me BUT only after breaking in. At 1.66m short, I have to lunge excessively to the front for shots but GB 4 allowed such movement without any loss of support. The support for lateral movement is also excellent! Other than using thick socks, I wear the GB 4 without any additional heel support. No heel pain whatsoever. That said, I will be trying to hunt for a new pair of GB 4 asap as the current one is showing signs of excessive usage. Only thing holding me back is the price tag. Cheers and Happy Easter to everyone.

    • Henry,

      I really appreciate you coming back and posting the additional feedback. Happy Easter to you as well!

      Best Regards,

      Jeff Warren
      Control the ‘T’ Sports

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