Squash Racquet Review – Prince Airstick 130

PRINCE AIRSTICK 130 Squash Racquet The Prince Airstick 130 has been around for a long time and for good reason.  It is a great racquet. While not the latest offering from Prince it is still a current model that they produce.Overall this is a great racquet suitable for an attacking player. It is light and maneuverable which makes it great for volleying. It has a good sweetspot that is a little higher than centre due to the fan out string pattern.

The key features of this racquet are Triple Threat with Tungsten, Power Ring, Power Scoop and WallgliderBumper. It has a balance point of 36cm making it slightly head light.  Ramy Ashour when not sponsored by Head or Dunlop used this racquet.

Triple Threat with Tungsten – Racquet stability and maneuverability are maximized by fortifying the three Triple ThreatTM locations with Tungsten, a strong dense metal. Tungsten provides precise weight distribution, allowing further weight reduction in noncritical areas, to deliver superior sweet spot size, power, directional control, and reduced shock in a lighter weight racquet frame.

Power RingTM – Innovative and patented racquet design where all main strings wrap around an inverted ring. This provides longer, more uniform string lengths for more consistent response and greater power in a more durable frame.

Power ScoopTM – A unique shaped shaft which absorbs wall and floor impacts for more comfort and durability, yet provides full frame stiffness for maximum ball striking power.

WallgliderBumper TM Bumper – A performance bumper made from a low friction polymer, which allows the racquet to glide quickly against the walls and floor, helping to return the tightest shots with authority

Overall this is a great racquet suitable for an attacking player.  It is light and maneuverable which makes it great for volleying.  It has a good sweetspot that is a little higher than centre due to the fan out string pattern.  Overall it is a terrific racquet and definitely worth checking out!

The Prince Airstick 130 is a great racquet definitely worth checking out and is available at Control the ‘T’ Sports!  If you would like to learn more, or purchase the Prince Airstick 130 please click the View in store link below.

4 thoughts on “Squash Racquet Review – Prince Airstick 130

  1. Tried it and loved it. I now have two in my bag. Yesterday a club player who is very fussy about racquets, tried it out, and immediately loved it too. His comments echoed my reason for choosing it. Light but does not play like one. Has a slight head heavy balance, that allows you to swing smoothly through the ball. Feels like a much more expensive racquet but does not leave your pockets empty.

  2. I have recently picked up squash again being away for nearly 32 years. Going from hardball to soft has been enlightening and one thing I have noticed is the racquet plays much more of a roll in softball to make shots. I have gone through to many racquets trying to find one I can settle on, buy a few and then work with it to improve my game. From the Head Cyano 2 and most of the Dunlops a Tecnifibre tried a Karakal and several Prince racquets. All good racquets for sure incredible technology after playing years ago with the wooden racquets. I tried the Airstick early on and liked it but it just didn’t grab me like some of the others did. So after going through about a dozen racquets I settled on one and bought two sold the others and took a lesson and started working on my game. One night did a search on racquets and saw a review on the 130 which they changed out the strings to the 305 and said it transformed it. So I said what the heck I liked it when I tried it but it just didn’t blow me away. I ordered one and tried it and again liked it good rails okay length and touch a little cold? then went with the restring. Had it restrung with 305 at 25 and as the review said transforms it. Good feel, control, touch and length able to flick it better for lobs in the front court and good power. It seems to do everything good for a great all around game verses great at say power which the Prince Warrior has gobs of, great touch the Dunlop CX, great quickness to volley the Dunlop Max and Cyano 2 and great court control the 2013 Prince Pro Tour. The Airstick seems to do it all good not one thing great except it is great at doing all things good which I have found not one other racquet I have tried to do the same. You might be thinking well that is not a fair comparison the Airstick was restrung. Well each of the other except the Prince Pro Tour also had the advantage of being restrung also anywhere from natural gut to x-one to big ace to 305+ and 305. My stringer loves me! Just my adventure to pass on if I had only tried the 130 with the 305 I would have saved time and money on racquets but it has been a fun journey along the way and provided funding for our stringers retirement fund. Hope this helps others, oh and the Airstick 130 was the least expensive racquet of them all. Enjoy the game!!!!

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