A Review of the Eye V.Lite 115 Control

    Jan 9, 2019 9:27:13 PM / by Alex Robertson

    Disclaimer: Unfortunately, this racquet will not give you superpowers. But after watching some of Paul 'Superman' Coll's performances using the V.Lite 115, it does make you wonder how he does it...

    Credit to paulcoll.com

    Racquet aesthetic

    Performance and stats aside, every player wants their racquet to look good. The V.Lite 115 uses a slick black and white colour scheme with a strong pop of purple, making the Eye branding more recognizable without the racquet being too bright!

    On any Eye racquet, my favourite design aspect is on the butt of the racquet, a classy silver Eye logo on a brushed golden background, this shows your opponent you mean business as soon as you spin for serve...

    It also features Paul Coll's signature just above the grip, which might help you summon the power of the pro, should you need it!

    Weighting and balance

    With a frame weight of 115 grams (and a finished weight of 154 grams), the V.Lite is more on the light side and the grip heavy balance point further adds to that feel. This enables delivery of a fast swing and minimizes the risk of losing control, this is especially beneficial for players with a smaller swing.

    The V.Lite's balance point isn't too head light either and I personally found the balance point to be perfect for me! Although I like to have control over power, I was still able to access powerful strikes when I needed to.

    Connection with the ball

    One of the most prominent features I noticed on the racquet was the sturdy frame, built to assist direct response, this means that control and feel of the ball are two of the key elements of this racquet. Although it has a slightly lower density string pattern (14x18), the prominent element of control is actually further enhanced by the fanned string pattern, which increases the stiffness of the string bed.

    With the teardrop head shape having a slightly smaller head size of 477cm2, the V.Lite 115, this racquet is designed for a player who is capable of consistently hitting the sweet spot.

    Final thoughts?

    The V.Lite 115 Control does exactly what it says on the tin! It's a light, sturdy racquet, and I believe that it is an ideal fit for any player who either already prefers control, or for any player looking to further improve their control.

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    Alex Robertson

    Written by Alex Robertson

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