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Jeff Warren
By Jeff Warren on October 25, 2013

A Review of the Salming X-Factor 3 Squash Shoes

Salming X-Factor 3 Squash Shoes 2Recently one of the top players from my club, Chris Wichers switched to the Salming X-Factor 3 squash shoes and I asked him for a review of the shoes. Below is his review which I hope you find helpful. 

“The Salming X-Factor 3 shoes perform terrific. They require quite a break in period but once that is done they are very form fitting, tacky, supportive and look to be quite durable. Movement is one of the strengths of my game and because of that I really need squash shoes that perform well.

The break in period was longer than expected. It is also very important that the shoes are broken in before trying to play with them. The design of them is very stiff in the upper part of the shoe initially. The break in period is needed to soften the top of the shoe up and get it fitting your foot properly. Trying to play squash in them before this is definitely not recommended.
Once they are broken in though they are very form fitting which really helps performance. It helps keep the foot in place. A lot of other squash shoes have the same fit the day you take them out of the box as they do after a month of playing. If they start off feeling great that is fine but they never really mold to your feet. The X-Factor 3 don’t feel great right out of the box but once broken in they are form fitted to your foot which is real plus.

Traction on court is imperative and the Salming X-Factor 3 are terrific in this respect. They grip the floor very well which I need. Movement in squash is very dynamic and the ability to stop where you expect and not have your foot slip is essential. The X-Factor allow me to plant my foot and rely on it to grip the floor and stop where I expect. This really helps from a performance perspective but also it lessens the risk of injury.

Not only do they grip the floor well they are very supportive. I have had problems with my ankles in the past so support is crucial for me. They shoe come up a little higher on the ankle then some other models which for me is important as it helps provide support. Lateral support is terrific in these shoes as well. When I plant my foot to change direction they keep my foot in place. Also when planting my foot when changing direction when going from side to quickly across the middle of the court they really help keep my foot from rolling.

Durability is also important as the are a not an inexpensive pair of shoes. I certainly have not had them long enough to determine completely how long they will truly last but they look to be quite durable. I am playing a lot of squash these days and the shoes are not showing any signs of wearing out quickly.  Given the over design of these shoes and the material used I am not all surprised by this. Only time will truly tell but I expect them to last extremely well.

Overall I have been extremely happy with the Salming X-Factor 3. They are supportive, grip the floor well, are very form fitting and are a very durable design. Just remember to give them a very long break in period.”

So that is Chris’s review of the Salming X-Factor 3. I really hope that helps those that are considering these shoes.

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Published by Jeff Warren October 25, 2013
Jeff Warren