Review – The ASICS Gel-Fastball for Squash

Asics Gel-Fastball Squash ShoesHaving worn the Asics Blast and Blade models for a number of years, I was keen to try their newest shoe, the Fastball. I initially noticed a shape and composition similar to older versions of the Blade, which was a very light and low-cut shoe. The Fastball did seem more cushioned and reinforced to protect the ankles and provide lateral support. The added stability addressed the most common criticism of the Blade, while maintaining the overall light and flexible theme. I felt comfortable in the Fastball right away, and the “breaking in” phase was nonexistent; even the slips sometimes associated with brand new shoes weren’t an issue. Similar to other Asics models, the fit is ideal for a narrower foot.

Overall, they are a nice medium between the low-profile Blade and heavier Blast. I would definitely recommend the Fastball to anyone who was a fan of the Blade, or has found the newer Blast models slightly too bulky.

ASICS GEL-FASTBALL Indoor Court Shoes //

One thought on “Review – The ASICS Gel-Fastball for Squash

  1. Just thought i share a little know secret about what (i think) is the best shoe for squash out there at the moment.

    over the years i’ve had dunlops, adidas, hitec adrenaline pro, asics gelblasts and salming race and viper. the hitecs had size issues (too wide), asics induced tendinitis and salming -despite their nice design and marketing- had the worst quality EVER i experienced in squash shoes. (it is bizarre that they conned their way into becoming PSA sponsor and so many pros are sponsored by Salming. the pros must be going though piles of shoes given that they train every day.)

    then, through chance, i discovered a non-squash shoe that towers sky high above all those squash ‘expert brands’ and that is the NIKE KOBE X (low cut).
    goole image search it. it comes in an unbelievably wide array of 20+ colors and once you try it, you will notice an amazing fit and unusual traction and grip. nike considers this to be the “most effective traction system in the 43-year history of Nike’s basketball shoes” and that says a lot. this is achieved by hundreds of little ‘nodules’ that make up the sole of the X. you will feel as mobile as a gecko running up a wall and across the ceiling. try it.

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