Squash - For the love of the game!

    Mar 28, 2020 1:04:20 PM / by Jeff Warren

    I hope the title of this post grabbed your attention and that you are here because you love the game of squash! I love the game.  I love being able to play, I love running a squash business and I love blogging about squash.

    I started to play squash regularly just about 15-years ago. I started to play as I wanted to get in shape and I had played a few times before when I was young and knew it was a good workout.


    I have a hard time sitting on exercise bike and peddling for any length of time as I don't find it fun. That is not to say I won't do it, in fact I do it more now as I have learned it is important to do some exercise off the squash court too but I do much prefer to play squash.

    In 40-minutes I get an excellent workout, have fun, get to compete at something and get to clear my head from whatever stresses I might have in normal life.

    Squash is an amazing game. In 40-minutes you get an excellent workout, have fun, and compete all at the same time.

    As I started to play more frequently I got more competitive and started to play league. I was determined to play at a better and better level.

    A combination of playing league and taking lessons to improve my game really worked and I was able to compete at a much higher level. I found that to be really rewarding and made me love the game even more.

    For those looking to improve their game lessons and drills really do work. Drills can seem boring, at least compared to playing a match but they really do help to improve your game, at least when they are done with a purpose.

    For years I had wanted to start my own business. When I decided to go ahead and do it I started Control the 'T' Sports. It was a way for me to have my own company and for that company to be in the business of the sport I love most.

    Having a squash business I get to try all the latest and greatest gear. I get to figure out what new squash gear we can carry that people are going to love once they try it. The best part of having a squash business though is getting to help people find the gear they need and want for the game.

    When I first started to blog I wasn't sure if I would like it. I had not written for the masses before so I was a bit nervous about that initially.

    As I started to do it though I realized how amazing it can be. It gives me a chance to share with people my experience with testing the squash gear I have play tested. It gives me a reason (not that I really need one!) to watch SquashTV as it can often make for a great topic to blog about. Overall blogging gives me a chance to write about the sport that I love squash and in my own small way contribute to the sport.

    So that it why I love playing the sport, having a business in the sport and love blogging about the sport. Squash is a tremendous sport that can be enjoyed from when you are a kid to when you are playing in Masters tournaments.

    So that's why I play squash, blog and started Control the 'T' Sports.

    Why do you love squash?

    If you want to share leave a comment below in the comment section ...

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    Jeff Warren

    Written by Jeff Warren

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