Ramy Ashour is playing with a Dunlop racquet but which one?

Ramy Ashour has been playing with a Dunlop racquet, but which one? When he was signed it was announced that he was playing with the Dunlop Aerogel 4D Max.  The racquet that he is currently playing with currently seems to have the same head shape and paint job as the Max but the string pattern does not match.

I have a had a couple of posts on the topic in response to a review of the Dunlop Aerogel 4D Max that I wrote.  Their posts got me looking further in to this and I have concluded they are correct. The racquet is not the Max, at least not in its currently available form.

A month ago Dunlop’s website had a picture of Ramy holding the current Dunlop Aerogel 4D Max but now it has the picture below. Looking over Dunlop’s site the racquet he is holding does not appear to be for sale currently.  Will the racquet he is holding be available for purchase?  Will it be called the Max when it comes out? When I know I will certainly post on the topic but for now there does not appear to be an answer.

Ramy Ashour Dunlop


11 thoughts on “Ramy Ashour is playing with a Dunlop racquet but which one?

  1. This is for sure some or whatever a replica from his ever preferred old prince canon “Prince Triple Threat Air Stick 130”, good work Dunlop 🙂

  2. check this picture. Ramy used this 14×18 string racquet at NY last month. It’s not replica of Prince TT airstick 130, which is 16×17.
    rather closer to Dunlop’s Venom 110 in terms of number of strings. possibly next model of 4D max?

  3. Jeff Warren says:


    Thanks for the comment and it does look like the racquet he is using. It does make sense that the next release of racquets from Dunlop would have the one that Ramy is playing with. The only thing I found odd is the weight. Listening to commentary from the ToC on PSASQUASHTV.com during one of his matches they commented on how light the racquet he is playing with is. The commentators mentioned that Ramy said his racquet weighs 110g. This one is listed at 140g unstrung. I am looking forward to the new BIOMIMETIC racquets being available in Canada.

    Thanks again for posting!


  4. I did hear Joey Barrington say that as well. I wonder if he might be mistaken for the old 110 g Head racket he used to use.

  5. … That or he has one customized for him which is entirely possible. Joey just mentioned it again in his match vs. Mueller at North American Open.

  6. Jeff Warren says:

    We are expecting them to be available late July or August here in Canada. As soon as we get them in I will definitely post here!

    • I replied to this on the originating site but thought I should post here too:

      Jeff March 8, 2012
      Your comment is;awaiting moderation.

      Thanks for linking back to my site there has been a lot of comments made on the site about what racquet Ramy is using. Some of the comments were mine and some by others. Also the conversation has been going on for over a year so Dunlop has changed models since the thread started.

      When Ramy was first announced as playing with Dunlop he was definitely “marketed” as playing with the Dunlop Aerogel 4D Max. The marketing pictures showed him with that racquet.

      The actual action pictures that were first grabbed were hard to make out for certain what he was playing with the paint scheme matched the 4D Max.

      After a bit there were some good images of the racquet and while it was painted and even labeled a Max it was clearly different than the actual Dunlop Aerogel 4D Max that was available at retail.

      Dunlop introduced the Biomimetic series and Ramy was “marketed” as playing with that. It has the correct frame shape and the string fan out pattern.

      Pictures surfaced again and people (including me) were able to see well enough from PSAquashTV.com that it looked like he was playing with the same racquet as before. At least the paint was the same.

      There was also interesting commentary from the commentators on PSASquashtv.com that said he was playing with one of the lightest, if not the lightest racquet on the tour, at around 110grams. Neither the Aerogel 4D or Biomimetic Max are that light. They both weigh 140g.

      There has been some suggestion that perhaps he is playing with the Venom or Vision 110. They are more or less the same racquet just a different revision for different seasons. That is a guess though of course although the weight matches what has been reported on PSAsquashTV, the racquet head shape looks right and the string pattern looks like right. The paint is not correct though of course.

      I did actually ask my Dunlop rep what he is actually playing with last year after it was clear it was not the Dunlop Aerogel 4D Max and my rep did not know. Someone at Dunlop knows of course but I have never seen any official statement from Dunlop.

      Maybe one of us will be lucky enough to win one of his racquets in the #ramynickname contest on Twitter!

      Nice site by the way.


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