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Jeff Warren
By Jeff Warren on December 08, 2013

A review of the Asics Gel-Blast 5 Squash Shoes

Asics Gel Blast 5 Yellow Lightning Black The Asics Gel-Blast series of shoes have been our best selling pair of squash shoes for years. They sell well because of how good of shoe they are for squash. Their performance characteristics are excellent and they are incredibly comfortable. Let's take a look at some of the key technologies Asics has incorporated in to the the Asics Gel-Blast 5 and see how they benefit the squash player. 

P.H.F.® (Personal Heel Fit)

P.H.F from Asics is 2 layers of memory foam that Asics has incorporated in to the heel of the shoe. This really benefits the player by making the shoe incredibly comfortable. The Blast are renowned for their glove like fit and P.H.F. is one of the main factors contributing to this. The memory foam remembers your how your heel fit in to the shoes and shapes itself to suit. This helps the fit of the shoe which improves comfort. Having your heel form fitted to your shoe helps keep in place.

Rearfoot and Forefoot GEL® Cushioning Systems

Another feature that really enhances comfort for the squash player. Asics GEL technology is such a core element in their shoes it is featured in the model name. Squash is a tough sport movement wise. There is a great deal of explosive movement to the ball and when you plant your foot to hit you come down heel first. The cushioning provided by Asics' GEL system absorbs the shock so the players foot does not. In the Forefoot the GEL is designed to reduce the force on the foot when the player propels themselves to the ball.

RhynoSkin®Asics Gel Blast 5 Royal Blue Black White Squash Shoes

The drag of the foot against the court floor can be catastrophic to the shoe if it is not designed to handle it. Asics has a lot of mesh at the top of the shoe that helps keep the weight of the shoe down and allow the shoe to breath better. Asics, realizing that the mesh would not stand up to being dragged against the court floor have added RhynoSkin, a synthetic leather to the wear points on the upper part of the shoe. The RhynoSkin which is designed to be abrasion and tear resistant takes the abuse of the court rather than the mesh. This is a critical factor in the life expectancy of a pair of squash shoes.

SpEVA® Midsole Material

Asics has added the SpEVA technology to the midsole of the Asics Gel-Blast 5. SpEVA helps the bounce back characteristics of the shoe. It also protects the shoes from having the midsole break down prematurely. There is a lot of flex in the midsole of the shoe during the tough movements we as squash players make and SpEVA helps strengthen the midsole of the shoe to deal with it.

DuoMax® Support System

Support and stability are critical in a squash shoe and Asics's DuoMax Support System has been added to the midsole of the shoe provide this.

Trusstic System®

Performance in a squash shoe is partly a balancing act between weight while still maintaining the structural integrity of the shoe. Asics has incorporated their Trusstic System in to the sole of the shoe for just this purpose. It has allowed Asics to reduce the weight of the shoe while still retaining the strength required to stand up to the dynamic movements of a squash player.

Asics Gel-Blast 5 Squash Shoes Womens Ocean Blue_Black_WhiteWET GRIP® Outsole

Asics had made the outsold of the Blast with a special rubber that is partly non-organic and partly organic. They have blended both together to give the best possible grip while remaining durable. In the outsole they have designed this to provide grip even on a wet surface. While I certainly nobody has to play on courts that are wet with water sweat can definitely be an issue on the court floor. The Blast 5 with the WET GRIP Outsole are designed to assist the player with this by providing the best traction possible.

NC Rubber® Outsole

Natural rubber grips tremendously but it does not last for long when exposed to the stops and starts a squash player has to make. Asics NC Rubber Outsole is a specialized mix of natural organic rubber and non-organic rubber that grips the court floor extremely well yet provides the needed durability to provide a long life expectancy for the sole of the Blast 5.

So that cover the technologies behind the Asics Gel-Blast 5. They are a great shoe for squash. They provide great lateral support, excellent grip on the court floor, are extremely comfortable and stand up well to the abuses we as squash players put on them. The Blast 5 are also lighter than the Blast 4 while retaining all the great performance features squash players have come to love about Asics Blast series of shoes. All around a terrific pair of squash shoes. To learn more about the Asics Gel-Blast 5 click on the View in Store button below

Please note the Asics Gel-Blast 5 are discontinued. Click on the "View in store" link below to check out the new Asics Gel-Blast 6.

Published by Jeff Warren December 8, 2013
Jeff Warren