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Alex Robertson
By Alex Robertson on March 16, 2019

The Tecnifibre Dynergy APX 120 - A squash racquet that caters to all levels!

Let me start off just by saying I'm a dedicated Carboflex user myself, and when I got a look at the new Dynergy APX series I didn't really bat an eyelid... until I got to try them out!

Updated features...

For those of you who don't know, the APX's predecessor, named the Dynergy AP series, had a very dense 16x16 power-ring stringing pattern. This stringing technique in which the strings are wrapped around the frame at the top of the shaft is most commonly seen on Prince racquets.

The new APX line however, has decided to go a different way by using arch technology but with grommets and a 14x17 string pattern to increase power. Another slightly less noticeable feature, but an important one nonetheless, is the new weight saving bumper on top of the head.

The 120

In the previous AP series, 125 grams was the lightest available option, it's great to see that Tecnifibre managed to shave off another 5 grams to make the APX 120!

In terms of balance, the Tecnifibre Dynergy APX 120 leans more towards the head heavy side, so although the racquet is light as a whole, you can still access plenty of power with ease.

After a few hits...

Starting from the bottom up, the APX 120 comes with Tecnifibre's new tacky grip, which I became an instant fan of! It really does a great job of holding your hand in place, even if you get a little sweaty!

The racquet comes with a Jumbo Shaft which increases both power, and durability, whilst simultaneously allowing you to feel the ball incredibly well. This little bit of extra control goes a heck of a long way!

It's no secret that Tecnifibre strings are one of the most, if not the most popular strings in the world of squash. A great plus of buying any Tecnifibre racquet, is the strings that they come with! The Dynergy APX 120 comes with X-One Biphase Strings, which have a soft feel and provide a heck of a lot of power.

Final thoughts:

(Using the Carboflex as a point of reference): the Dynergy APX is much more forgiving, the sweet spot is very much on the large side. This could be down to the reasonably large head size (490cm2), or it could be down to Jumbo Shaft, either way... I love it!

Overall, the Tecnifibre Dynergy APX 120 is a racquet I would recommend, and will be recommending, to any player looking to boost their all round game. This racquet assists all aspects of squash incredibly well, making it ideal for any standard of player, from beginner to pro!

Available for pre-order!!!

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Published by Alex Robertson March 16, 2019
Alex Robertson