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Alex Robertson
By Alex Robertson on March 19, 2019

The Tecnifibre Dynergy APX 135 - All the power you need!

Personally, I've never been that into hitting the ball hard, but after a few strikes with this racquet, my horizons have broadened!

Brief insight: the Dynergy APX series

Three new renditions of Tecnifibre's Dynergy series will be arriving at Control the 'T' Sports within the next two weeks, and we can't wait! Named the Dynergy APX series, these racquets are Tecnifibre's newest creation and I hope you guys like them as much as I do!

The Dynergy AP series was the name of the older series, and the new APX racquets have had some sophisticated updates...

The sophisticated updates:

Beginning with one of the more obvious differences, the AP series had a dense 16x16 power-ring stringing pattern, the new APX line, however, has decided to go a different way. Using arch technology but with grommets and a 14x17 string pattern, in theory, this should make power much more accessible to the player.

Plus, another slightly less noticeable feature, but an important one nonetheless, is the new weight saving bumper on top of the head. Obviously, being lightweight is not the primary purpose of the  APX 135, but every little helps!

Practice swings

Now I've got a pretty large swing, needless to say the Dynergy APX 135 does a great job of assisting it!

Coming with a head heavy balance point, and with a frame weight of 135 grams, which can be considered to be leaning towards the heavy side, this racquet allows a large, smooth, powerful swing to be performed with ease.

One of the smaller details I began to enjoy whilst taking some practice swings is the grip. Tecnifibre have introduced a brand new tacky grip which is used on all three of the APX racquets, and it's incredibly grippy, without being uncomfortable at all!

Hitting the ball

As I mentioned at the beginning, you can really get some great power with the APX 135! I hit length after length with a significant amount of power, and it felt almost effortless. 

The APX 135 comes with Tecnifibre's own X-One BiPhase strings, which is definitely an overlooked bonus. Tecnifibre is known for producing excellent squash string, and the X-One BiPhase has an incredibly soft feel to it, and provides the user with a lot of power!

The Jumbo Shaft seems to provide all the benefits you could ever need, it makes the racquet feel incredibly strong and durable, it allows you to feel the ball very well, and also assists power! Could the Jumbo Shaft be the future of the squash racquet?

Final note

One final note about the APX 135, control is most certainly an option. Yes, it is the heaviest of the three APXs, but the racquets all have a certain flexibility to the frame which allows you to feel the ball even better, and put away a good solid drop shot from any position!

The Tecnifibre Dynergy 135, as well as it's brothers, the 120, and the 130 are all available for pre-order now, just click below!

Published by Alex Robertson March 19, 2019
Alex Robertson