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Qatar Classic 2013 – Nick Matthew and the Hi-Tec Infinity Flare

Edit – Please read comments below as it appears that Nick may not have been wearing the Infinity Flare but an older model that was altered to have the same colour scheme.

Nick Matthew and Mohamed Elshorbaby at the Qatar Classic 2013

Photo credit to www.squashsite.co.uk

The Qatar Classic 2013 Championship just finished and what a tournament it was. There were a number of unexpected upsets. Daryl Selby took out James Willstrop, Borja Golan elminated Gregory Gaultier and Mohamed Elshorbagy beat Karim Darwish. That left us with a Nick Matthew vs Mohamed Elshorbaby final. What a final it was. A massive battle between two tremendous players. Shorbagy came through and won his first World Series event with a hard fought 5-game victory.

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Davenport North American Open 2013 Edition – The Quarters

This year’s tournament is proving to be very entertaining.  The round of 16 has just finished and there has already been a few terrific matches.  The match between Simon Rosner and Omar Mosaad in particular was really entertaining yesterday and was really fun to watch.  The momentum swings were incredible as was the pace of the ball.  I could not believe how hard Mosaad was hitting.  The commentary on @_SquashTV about how hard they were hitting and how loud it was at the venue was hilarious.  The other match that was fantastic was the Tarek Momen versus Chris Gordon match.  Twitter was absolutely abuzz with conversation about this match and Gordon’s terrific effort in this match.

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PSA 2013 World Series Squash Finals

PSA World Series Squash FinalsThe 2013 PSA Squash Finals have been extremely entertain thus far.  The semi-finals today look to be two highly competitive matches.  The first match between Gregory Gaultier and Nick Matthew. The second semi-final features James Willstrop and Amr Shabana.

Gregory Gaultier

Gaultier has been on in very fine so far this tournament.  In particular his match against James Willstrop was highly competitive and top quality squash. He managed to beat Willstrop who was the #1 ranked player of all of 2012.

Nick Matthew

Nick Matthew needed a win yesterday. After having lost his first match against Amr Shabana he found himself in a must win match for the rest of the group matches.  Not an enviable task but one that he took on and succeeded at.  He took advantage of the loose play of Shorbagy in his second match and closed the match in 2 games.  He was able to get past Peter Barker in 2 straight games as well.

The first semi is a very tough match for me to pick a winner of.  Nick had to win yesterday but did so in convincing fashion and did it in 2 games.  Gregory did not look up for his match against Karim yesterday and went down in 2 games.  Both should be on pretty equal footing physically.  I am going to pick Nick in a very tough match to go through to the final.

James Willstrop

James found himself in a must win situation yesterday as well having lost to Gaultier in the second round of group play.  He played Simon Rosner yesterday and managed to close out the match in 2 straight games and should be fairly fresh for today’s match.

Amr Shabana

Amr’s match yesterday was probably the hardest match on paper and it lived up to its billing.  He was up against Mohamed el Shorbagy who no doubt wanted was really up for his match with Shabana.  Amr had already qualified for semi’s but came out determined as ever to get the win yesterday.  Off all the players in this tournament he has been in the best form so far and is the defending champion.  Can he retain the title or did he expend a little too much energy yesterday?

I am really excited about the second semi-final.  Amr has been playing so well having gone undefeated so far.  Willstrop though is such an incredible tactician on court and may well be able to contain Shabana’s brilliant attack.  My pick is Willstrop in another tightly contested match setting up an all English final.

If you have any thoughts about today’s semi’s leave a comment below.

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New Squash Shoes from Hi-Tec

Hi Tec V-Lite Infinity Flare Squash Shoes as used by Nick Matthew


We are very pleased to have received our new shipment of Hi-Tec squash shoes for the upcoming squash season. This year is pretty exciting as it sees the launch of two new models. The Hi-Tec V-Lite Infinty Flare, the squash shoes that Nick Matthew is playing with are one of the new models.  The other is the Hi-Tec V-Lite Crosscourt Squash shoes. Here are the details on both shoes.

Hi-Tec V-Lite Infinity Flare Squash Shoes

The new V-Lite Infinity Flare, as worn by double world champion Nick Matthew is a product at the very top of its game. Packed full of game changing technologies – lightweight, fast, cushioned, supportive. The Infinity Flare is simply a superior a shoe to anything else on the market. Want to be a better squash player? Then demand the best and choose the Infinity Flare!

Nick Matthew: “The Infinity Flare are the most supportive and cushioned squash shoes I’ve ever had the privilege to wear”.


  • 4:SYS midsole reduces loading rates by up to 35%
  • Heel impact zone – the impact zone provides up to 38% better impact cushioning than other leading footwear
  • Super light moulded EVA sockliner
  • External TPU heel counter
  • Seamless upper for unrivalled comfort
  • Forefoot ESS inserts to aid lateral movement
  • Abrazone forefoot re-enforcement
  • Bonded nylon support frame

The Blue/Yellow version of the Infinity Flare are now discontinued.  We have a new and improved model in stock. To check them out click on the View in store link below!

Hi-Tec V-Lite Crosscourt Squash Shoes

Court is where it all started for Hi-Tec. Our original success grew from the breakthrough design and development of H

i-Tec’s first ever shoe, the Hi-Tec Squash, specifically designed for the then fast growing game of squash. We continue to push the boundaries with our Squash shoes with technologies such as V-Lite & Peak Force.


  • Lightweight V-Lite upper with TPU welded overlays.
  • Asymmetrical lacing system for anatomical fit.
  • Abrazone liquid rubber toe cap protection
  • Multi-density CMEVA midsole for improved efficiency.
  • Non-marking Peak Force outsole technology.



V-Lite is a revolutionary vertical build concept that strips away as much weight as possible without sacrificing performance or durability.

To purchase the Hi-Tec V-Lite Crosscourt Squash shoes click here.

Hi-Tec V-Lite Crosscourt Squash Shoes

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Dunlop Biomimetic Evolution 130 Squash Racquet – The racquet of Nick Matthew

Nick Matthew, along with Ramy Ashour are the two best players squash players in the world.  Both use Dunlop squash rackets.  This post focuses on the Dunlop Biomimetic Evolution 130 Squash Racket which Nick Matthew uses.

This racquet is an updated model of the Dunlop Aerogel 4D Evolution 120 that Nick played with last year. The primary differences are the additions of Dunlop’s newer tecnologies: Aeroksin, HM6 Carbon and the Gecko-Tac grip as well as the addition of 10g of weight.

The technologies I have covered in a previous post which you can read here.  Although the racquet’s weight has increased 10g the balance has remained the same.  It is a head light racquet. The addition of the 10g is quite helpful as it makes the racquet more usable for the average player.  One of the biggest complaints of the Aerogel 4D Evolution 120 was that it was so light and head light in addition which made it a difficult racquet for most players to generate enough pace with to have a solid length game.  The Biomimetic 130 being a little heavier overall does help a bit with this.  It still requires the player to generate a lot of racquet head speed but it is not quite as dramatic as with the previous years model.  It is a great racquet though for taking the ball early on the volley at the ‘T’ because of its light weight and head light balance. Both of these characteristics make it extremely quick to manoeuvre which is why it is so effective for volleying at the ‘T’.

Overall this is a great racquet for a player that is aggressive at the ‘T’ taking the ball on the volley and has the technique to be able to generate enough racquet head speed to have an effective basic length game.

We have the Dunlop Biomimetic Evolution 130 Squash Racquet available in our Pro Shop at a great price.  Please check it out.

The specifications from Dunlop:

The Dunlop Biomimetic Evolution 130 squash racquet is handcrafted with a teardrop design for enhanced power whilst maintaining torsional stability through a small bridge in the throat area. This frame provides players of all levels lightweight power capability with an element of control. The racquet is constructed with graphite and features Dunlop’s new Biomimetic technology. 

HM6 Carbon enhances racket feel; Aeroskin technology reduces aerodynamic drag making the racket faster through the air and the Gecko-Tac grip gives ultimate control in all conditions.

The racquet of Nick Matthew, PSA World Ranking #1.

Frame Weight: 130g
Balance: Head Light
Head Size: 490cm2
Stiffness: 78.5
String Pattern: 14×18
String Tension: 20-30lbs
Construction: HM6 Carbon
String: Precision
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Nick Matthew – High ‘T’ Position

I am watching a replay of the PSA World Open 2010 final between James Willstrop and Nick Matthew on PSA Squash TV and impressed with Nick Matthew’s position on the ‘T’. He is playing such a high ‘T’ position and putting so much pressure on James. Willstrop won the first game with some absolutely astounding accurancy but had to work so hard to do it. The second game was close to about 5 but after that Nick opened up a huge lead mostly because of the work James has had to do to that point.

The high ‘T’ position really allows Nick to attack short when he chooses, especially on his forehand side. The width that James has to get on a crosscourt drive to prevent Nick from volleying it is unbelievable. He is having to nearly catch the side wall at the centre of the court to get it behind Nick. Even when he does attain that width Nick only has to take a couple of steps back because of the angle and still play it without really having to give up too much ground.

Nick is also using a great hold on his drives while being so high on the ‘T’. This is forcing James to have to recover so quickly to the centre of the court, because he has to respect the drop before being sent to the backcourt to retrieve Nick’s drive.

Nick’s use of the high ‘T’ position really put so much time presure on James Willstrop that it really broke him down by mid match. James did have a much harder time getting through to the final than Nick did which definitely contributed to the fatigue but Nick’s play truly exposed it. A brilliant display of good tactical squash. Definitely shows that value of recovery to the ‘T’ quickly to dictate play.

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Nick Matthew – World Champion 2010

We at Control the ‘T’ Sports would like to congratulate Nick Matthew on his recent win at the 2010 PSA World Championships.

2010 has been a great year for Nick Matthew as he reached World #1, won double gold at the Common Wealth Games and now has captured the World Championship.

Nick’s success is amazing considering the competition in the men’s game right now.  He has reached the top of the game at a time where there is so much parity in the top 5 or 6 players.  Also considering that he is the oldest of the top group of players makes this accomplishment even more astounding!

It goes to show that a hard work, focus, training and setting goals can take you a long way.

Nick’s racquet of choice is the Dunlop Aerogel 4D Evolution 120.


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Ramy Ashour and Nick Matthew – The top squash players in the world

This squash season is off to a very exciting start!  The first tournament of the season saw Nick Matthew win the tournament in a commanding fashion.  The second tournament saw Ramy Ashour win in a great final against Gauthier and retake the #1 ranking!

These two definitely seemed to be at a different level currently than the other players in the field.  It is going to be a great battle throughout this season for the #1 spot in the world.

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Squash Training – An Interview with Nick Matthew

I was logged in to my Twitter account and found a post this morning from SquashSite about training featuring Nick Matthew.  Below is the article, the author and original source.

Source: http://www.menshealth.co.uk/living/men/the-mh-interview-nick-matthew
Author: Ed Vanstone

How many hours do you spend training a week?

About four hours a day, six days a week. This has altered over the years: I think when you’re younger you do a few stupid things which, these days, the body wouldn’t be able to cope with. Training smart not hard, with lots of recovery work and non-impact sessions such as getting in the pool if there’s little time between tournaments – this is my principle now. But I always have just the one day off a week. Possibly another half day depending on the schedule.

Are you on court every training day?

It’s pre-season now, so I’m not doing as much as I would be during the season, when I’ll be on court at least five days a week. Sometimes twice a day when I really want to sharpen things up. And that time will vary between drills with my coach, drills with a partner, solo practice – which is really important in squash – and match play.

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Squash Racquets of the Pro’s

Dunlop has a real strangle hold on the top 5 position in the PSA. They have spots 1,2,3 and 5. Here is the list of players in the top 5 that are using Dunlop and the squash racquets the use.

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